Surupa Large Antler Chandelier Ceiling Light

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No longer only the reserve of the hunting lodge or Victorian Manor house, antlers offer a stylish natural look for contemporary decors too, and a antler chandelier ceiling light is a great way to achieve it. This rustic nine branch antler chandelier has a simple classic design with the antlers forming a gentle upward curve.  It's wide but relatively shallow proportions make a grand impression and allow for it to be accommodated within a normal ceiling height. The varied texture, soft tones and delicate markings of the antlers are as beautiful in natural daylight as by the warm glow of the lamps, which will cast elegant shadows of the graceful organic forms across the space. A timeless and iconic look for any interior.


Please Note: This chandelier is not made of real antlers.

Surupa Large Antler Chandelier Ceiling Light
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