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Mirrors can really finish a room off and if you have a dark and gloomy corner, just positioning a mirror in the right place can bring light to it and completely transform the whole space. The Chandelier and Mirror Company have a huge range of mirrors to suit absolutely every taste, home and pocket and whether you are looking for a statement piece which will stop your visitors dead in their tracks or just something to check you are not going out in the morning with toothpaste down your chin, you will find it here.  Even before the technology for silvering glass existed, people were trying to work out ways of looking at their own reflection. They used all manner of ways to get a good end result and tried still water, polished metal and smoked glass. Inexpensive glass mirrors have been available for less than two hundred years, but they have certainly come a long way – at the Chandelier and Mirror Company you will find styles spanning the whole history of silvered mirrors and somewhere in those two centuries you will find something that will suit you perfectly. If you have a room full of antiques an old mirror would obviously be ideal, but these are rare and expensive. Apart from that, the silvering is often incomplete so if you are intending to use the mirror, you might prefer a reproduction one. You will certainly be able to find something from the right style in the collection, from rococo to deco. Overmantle large mirrors are a very specific niche in mirror design and can be very difficult to find. With more than thirty mirrors in the Chandelier and Mirror Company’s overmantle section, covering all styles, it is easy to buy one of these iconic furnishing pieces. From fifties kitsch back to the classic Georgian style with cute little bun feet, you can match you mirror to your fireplace and make a real centrepiece for your sitting room, dining room or study. They don’t just come in all sizes and styles, they also come in all kinds of colours, including metallic, so if you want to buck the trend and mix and match eras with anachronistic flair you can do so, by matching the colour instead. Not every bedroom these days includes a dedicated dressing table as much of most people’s skin care and grooming takes place in the bathroom. Table mirrors can be put in an odd corner of a chest of drawers top or even on a windowsill and can make a statement of a different kind. There is an excellent range of table mirrors as well as the more conventional choices of dressing table mirrors with three mirrors hinged at the sides. Also for the bedroom or bathroom are the dressing or cheval mirrors. Some of them are more than life-sized but some are quite small and elegant and will stow away neatly against a wall until needed. They also come on frames that swivel if you have the room but if space is at a premium some are designed to be fixed to the wall. With the Chandelier and Mirror Company to help you, you need never leave the house with a saggy hem again. If you want your mirror to be a real talking point, browse through the range of more than one hundred unusual mirrors at the Chandelier and Mirror Company. If you like witty furniture and trompe l’oeil you will love some of the faux window mirrors in the range. Complete with shutters or glazing bars, they really do make you think there is a window in the wall. One point to bear in mind with this kind of mirror and any others you may think of hanging; if your room is very narrow, don’t hang the mirror opposite a window, because birds think they can fly straight through and can kill or injure themselves on the window. If you want to hang a window in that kind of location, bevel it slightly with a wedge so it is not totally parallel with the window wall. The range of materials for the frames of the mirrors at the Chandelier and Mirror Company is phenomenal. From natural hide to glass and crystal and loads of different colours there is something for every decor. Sometimes a mirror can completely transform a room if it is a standout feature in otherwise quite monochrome surroundings. An unusual, ornate or colourful frame will in itself draw attention, but a mirror adds movement and light. If you only have room for one thing on your wall, don’t choose a picture, choose a mirror because with clever lighting choices and positioning, it can change through the day with the different light levels from outside and then again through the evening as you change the lighting from main ceiling light to table lamps to perhaps flickering firelight. The Chandelier and Mirror Company have mirrors in stock from as little as under forty pounds to over seven hundred, in every shape from bevelled cylinders to the wildest rococo and every colour from metallics to bright fuschia pink. If you know just what you want you can use the excellent website to pare down your choices and if you are just browsing you will have a wonderful time. With over seven hundred mirrors in stock you can wander at your leisure through all kinds of amazing models and whether you want a workaday mirror for the hall, an illuminated mirror for the bathroom or something gloriously over the top for your bedroom, you are guaranteed to find it at the Chandelier and Mirror Company.
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