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Mirror Art

Mirrors don’t have to just be mirrors – sometimes they can be art as well and the range at the Chandelier and Mirror Company has something for every taste.

Perfect for the dining room is the range of splashing drinks – fun and witty they come in different colourways, including some spectacular pieces with coloured glass and Swarovski crystals. At much less than the price of a decent picture, they will enhance any room and make your guests smile.   Mirror art is a way of introducing light into a room in a way that no picture can. Whereas a canvas or watercolour can make a wall quite dark a mirror will throw light back into the room. The image is sometimes light on dark as well as dark on light and the inclusion of Swarovski crystals makes it really sparkle. Swarovski crystals are a feature of many of the chandeliers in the Chandelier and Mirror Company and using mirror art to pick them out in another feature in the room gives a very stylish effect.   The images on the mirror art in the Chandelier and Mirror Company are created in a variety of different ways. Some are engraved on plain mirrors and this is a very understated but effective way of making a mirror into something more. If you choose a large mirror with an engraved picture – flowers, for example, or a popping champagne bottle – it may be a moment or two before guests realise that it is more than just a reflecting surface, but they will be charmed by it when they see that it is mirror art.   The engraving can be on painted or coloured glass and this gives a reverse image which is very effective. Using a dark background with a mirrored frame and image is a very striking way of using mirrors as art and in several of the pieces from the Chandelier and Mirror Company you can put two pieces together with one image used in different ways, for example as a coloured image on a full mirror and with a coloured frame, matched with a mirrored frame and image on coloured glass. Placed side by side on a large wall or opposite each other they look very stylish.   The Chandelier and Mirror Company have a wide range of mirrored furniture which would look very exciting placed below a piece of mirror art. As a focal point in any room it would look amazing but if you have a dark corner in a hall it would look particularly good, especially if teamed with one of the table lamps in the extensive range. Mirrors placed as combinations are very exciting as not only are they lovely in themselves but they reflect the light and each other into infinity. Practically speaking the eye can only pick up a certain number of reflections, but in fact they do go on and on for ever, taking the light with them deep within the piece and giving a magical and ever changing look to your home.
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