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Wall Lights

Forget all you think you know about wall lighting. Forget the dusty old parchment shades covering a clapped out candle bulb in the pub down the road. Visit The Chandelier and Mirror Company and prepare to be amazed!

There are a massive 300 items in the wall lighting range on the website, covering every style from classic styles in crystal and wood to ultra-modern flat mirror lights suitable for even the trendiest interior.

Lighting your room with wall lighting from scratch is not something you can always do simply as the wires need to be hidden or at least disguised, but with lighting with individual switches, many of which appear in the range at The Chandelier and Mirror Company, this is minimal as they can be wired to a plug rather than into the main. If you are doing a fairly comprehensive rewire of your room, it is a simple matter and any competent electrician can add some wall lights for you, although it is recommended that it is done professionally. If you want wall lights in your bathroom or kitchen, check the IP rating on the individual item page as this is very important for any areas where there is water or a damp atmosphere.

Wall lighting for the garden is very elegant and means that there is no problem later if you want to redesign or replant a bed. If you are lucky enough to have a wall in your garden, brick wall lights can look spectacular. In daylight you hardly know they are there but as darkness falls and you switch them on they look amazing as they flood the area with light. If you need to add lighting in your garden for safety on a rough path or steps, flush wall lights are a good choice as there is nothing for people to knock against as they walk by.

The enormous range of wall lighting from The Chandelier and Mirror Company also means that you can match your wall lights in with your other lighting, either ceiling lights, table lamps or standard lamps. This gives a very co-ordinated look and with some careful positioning you can make the whole room look different for different moods, depending on whether you have all of the lights lit or just some. Wall lighting is very restful for a relaxing evening and is a good level for watching television or just having a chat when sometimes a ceiling light can be a little too glaring and bright.

Using wall lighting to change the mood in a multi-purpose room is a really excellent way of making the lighting right for any task. If the lounge or dining room tends to be a hobby or homework room as well, a central ceiling light giving good, strong direct light is fine, but when the time comes to put away the crafts and the books, using wall lighting can give a different ambience either for relaxation or dining. The Chandelier and Mirror Company also stock a range of task lighting designed as wall brackets. These are an excellent choice if there is a desk in a bedroom or hallway as the light can be placed to shine down on the work in hand whilst not taking up precious space on the surface.

By matching in the shades or the lighting fitment design, the whole room looks complete and not bitty. If you need to change wall lighting after it has been wired in, this is usually quite simple, so you are not stuck with one design for ever. With so many to choose from it is good to know that it is still easy to change your wall lighting whenever you want.

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