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Table Lamps

If you want to make a quick, inexpensive change to any room in your house, the best thing to alter is the lighting and the simplest and cheapest way to do that is to buy a new table lamp.

There are nearly four hundred to choose from in the The Chandelier and Mirror Company table lamp range and they can be as classic or as ultra-modern as you are. If you really want to make a statement, there are table lamps based on the shape of a Grecian statue, with a translucent torso giving off a soft ambient light or for something which will really draw everyone’s attention, a lamp in the ‘real flame’ range which emulates actual firelight down to the last glowing flicker as to be just the thing.

Many of the table lamps in The Chandelier and Mirror Company range are matched to other lights such as ceiling lights or wall lights. If you have the same lights throughout the house it gives a very coordinated look and makes for a serenity which is almost impossible to put your finger on but which makes people feel very comfortable and at home. Adding table lamps as you redecorate rooms is a good way to budget your lighting spend and because they will fit in it will look as though the whole house was done in one go; this helps the new room look all of a piece and also makes the older rooms look as if they were done recently – a clever trick.

You can have a lot of fun with table lamps because of their relatively low cost and their ease of fitting. All you need do is plug it in to the nearest wall socket and you are good to go. If you tire of a table lamp you don’t have to redecorate or anything expensive like that. All you need do is unplug it and recycle it into another room in the house, where it can give another room a bit of a change of look. In this way, one purchase can jazz up two rooms; a real bargain.

The Chandelier and Mirror Company has a really innovative range of table lamps which you will almost certainly have never seen in the shops, so they are worth checking out no matter what your latest decor plans are. There are a lot of primary colours in the range which can give a quick and effective lift to a neutral room which needs to be given a bit of a tweak – sometimes neutral stops being cool and calming and just ends up bland. A bright citrus or clear red table lamp strategically placed can bring it back to life in no time. Also think of the new depths and highlights that a new table lamp can bring to a room. Consider lighting new areas, such as using an up-lighter under a favourite picture or beneath an Oriental carving or pierced vase. The shadows it casts will make a huge difference to the whole room.

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