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The Chandelier and Mirror Company are not just about chandeliers – there is also a fabulous range of other lighting with almost five hundred pieces in the range.

Many are linked so that you can have wall lights, table lamps and ceiling lights in the same design – and perhaps not surprisingly they also match with some of the chandeliers on offer too!  Lighting can make a room come alive and if you are considering a makeover because you have become bored with a decor, before getting out the paint and fabric swatches, why not have a look at the lighting on the website or in the showroom and see if a change of ceiling fitment or even just a new table lamp will make that little bit of difference that you are after. With prices starting at less than thirty pounds, it will be a lot less expensive than a complete redecoration project and is quicker – just plug and go.   If your room is big, you can really go to town on lighting and if you tend to use the space in different ways at different times of the day or through the week, you can divide it up by using light. A task light is essential if you are likely to do any close work – it is very bad for your eyes to peer at something in the gloom and at the very best you will get wrinkles. At the worst, you may damage your eyesight, especially if you do it a lot. If you use the dining table, for example, for hobbies, crafts or writing then a rise and fall pendant ceiling fitment could be just perfect and if it is matched with a dimmer switch it will do double duty as lighting for those intimate dinners.   If you like to relax later in the evening watching television or just chatting, low wattage lighting is best. Although modern televisions don’t flicker like old tube ones used to, it is still more restful for your eyes to have lighting elsewhere in the room as well as on screen. If you are being totally pragmatic it is safer as well – no one wants to jump up to answer the phone and fall over the dog in the dark. Wall lights or table lamps are perfect lighting options as background and there are loads to choose from at the Chandelier and Mirror Company.   These days the garden is a very important part of the home and despite recent poor summers is still somewhere where we like to relax in the evening. There is a large range of outdoor lanterns at the Chandelier and Mirror Company and they will make any garden space look very special. They also are a sensible choice for any householder with a dark approach to the front door. Not only does a well-placed lantern make sure that your guests don’t fall over as they come to see you in the dark but it is also a proven deterrent to burglars or anyone intend on vandalising your property or car. With almost a hundred outdoor lights to choose from in all price ranges, you will have no problem in flooding your garden with light – choosing which one is the only difficulty.   Health and safety seems to have taken over our lives lately but it is certainly true that keeping a house well lit is a sensible idea – more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. At the Chandelier and Mirror Company the choice of lighting is so huge that you don’t have to sacrifice looks just to have a well-lit space. Stairs and landings are a particular problem in many homes but wall lights or sconces can easily light even the most tunnel-like staircase. Because many of the designs cross the whole range, you can blend the lighting on the stairs with the ceiling lights in the hall and on the landing, giving a very stylish look to the whole area. Often ignored, the hall is the first part of your home that visitors see, so the lighting can make or break that first impression.   The Chandelier and Mirror Company buyers as always have made sure that their lighting range will complement and enhance everything else they have on offer, so browsing through you will often find that there is a recommended companion piece. Putting items together yourself is also fun and will give you a guaranteed, unique look that will be bound to impress.
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