Privacy Policy

On 25th May 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (the GDPR) came into force.  As a valued customer of The Chandelier & Mirror Company, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to your privacy.  Your privacy is important to us, therefore any information you provide us with, is confidential and will only be used to process the service you require of us.  This Privacy Policy applies to our use of all and any data provided to us by you in relation to our services.  Please read this Privacy Policy Carefully.

The information we hold is limited to the information you provide us.  This is information that you share with us is used in a variety of ways; through placing an order, making a payment, updating your account details.  This information may include your (company and customer) personal details; names, addresses, email contact, telephone numbers and any other information you provide us with. When an order is placed we also collect your IP address for security purposes.

We may use any relevant information provided by you to contact you, in order for the company to carry out the services you request of us.  We may also, if need be, pass your (selected) customer information onto a third party (courier) in order that the service you require can be completed.

 We have not and do not intend to share your details with any other company for marketing purposes and would not use any information we hold to do so ourselves.

 If you have provided any information to us, you do so knowing that this is the data we use and how we use it. 

 If you have signed up to our Newsletter and wish to be removed from this, please contact us by sending an email to

When you contact us, in any way, we will keep and store your (company and customer) data until we have fulfilled the services you require, and a period has lapsed after the service has be implemented in order to comply with any requests or queries you may have relating to the service carried out and the customer it relates too.  This data is stored securely and safely until disposal, relevant to time or it is requested by yourself, which will be carried out under the regulations detailed in the GDPR.

The data you provide us with is held on a server-based software which is secure and compliant with GDPR.

If you believe that any of the information we hold is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us by sending an email to  We will then correct any information you request.  If you require any data deleting, again please contact us on the above email and we will respond.  We only keep data until you cease trading with us and for a period thereafter for legal reasons, (i.e. tax and insurance).

You can find further information relating to GDPR on the UK Information Commissioner’s website