Pattydenne Wall Mirror

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A beautiful over-mantle mirror with an antique French Châteaux style and an charming sense of faded grandeur. The elaborate double frame has a straight lower edge and sides that meet with soft rounded corners, while the top edge forms an graceful double curve with delicate moulded detail and an elegant anthemion crest at the centre. The outer corners and lower mid-points of the frame are also adorned with extravagant mouldings of scrolling acanthus leaves, flowers and foliage which trail along the sides and extend across the glass to meet the inner edge. The frame has a distressed antique cream finish with muted beige tones and a delicate yellowing in places that gives it a distinctive aged appearance. This lovely mirror is an elegant blend of decadent design and time-worn charm that will bring a perfect touch of shabby chic to any interior.

Pattydenne Wall Mirror
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