Malaya Chrome 2 Light Crystal Wall Light

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This stunning chrome two light wall light uses 30% lead crystal in an impressive contemporary design. An unusual framework of connected branches curve gently upwards and outwards from the wall bracket to form a stylish petal arrangement, with a bright polished chrome finish that glistens in the scattered light. At the peak of each petal rests a delicate honeycomb faceted crystal ball, these also appear at the tip of slender prongs which extend from a smaller plate above, forming a beautiful crown like structure. Strings of hexagonal crystals hang from each prong and branch, either as festoons between the prongs or as drops, and from most a spectacular faceted crystal ball is suspended. Below the branches these sparkling crystal balls hang closely together to form a shimmering canopy of rainbow coloured light. A sensational design that's sure to make a glamorous impression in any setting.

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Malaya Chrome 2 Light Crystal Wall Light
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