Kneller Silver Rectangular Framed Dutch Oval Wall Mirror

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This silver ornate wall mirror is magnificent traditional Dutch style mirror. It sets an oval of bevelled glass within a beautifully ornate rectangular frame. A variety of intricate reliefs run along the inside and outside edges of the frame, lavish acanthus leaf and Fleur de Lys mouldings adorn the corners and midpoints of the sides and elaborate floral motifs extend gracefully over much of the frame. It has a bright silver finish with a darker tones picking out the decorative detail, giving it an attractive antique quality. Its modest proportions are suitable for most spaces and particularly good for creating a grand impression in smaller rooms, it also offers the versatility of both portrait and landscape hanging options. This exquisite mirror is certain to sit beautifully in any elegant interior

Kneller Silver Rectangular Framed Dutch Oval Wall Mirror
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