Audley Decorative Silver Ornate Wall Mirror - 153 x 122 cm

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A captivating mirror with expressive organic forms in high relief and decorative pattern tracing the edges. Its antique silver finish with a slight blackening in the folds and crevices of the mouldings. It has bevelled glass and can be hung both landscape and portrait. A dramatic and beautiful mirror with a romantic feel.

Please note the actual mirror pictured here is the
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 112x92

The Audley mirror is available in many sizes with Gold, Silver, White, Cream and Black frames:

Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 107x82
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 122x92
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 132x107
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 153x122
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 183x122
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 183x92
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 213x153
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 107x82
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 112x92
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 132x107
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 153x122
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 183x122
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 183x92
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 213x153
Audley White Wall Mirror - 107x82

Please call or email us with any enquiries about the White, Cream and Black finishes not listed above

Audley Decorative Silver Ornate Wall Mirror - 153 x 122 cm
Portrait or Landscape
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