Audley Large Silver Decorative Ornate Wall Mirror - 183 x 92 cm

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A classic and graceful full length mirror with an enchanting Rococo design. The large pane of sparkling bevelled glass is set within a magnificent ornate swept frame which features expressive mouldings of swirling organic forms at the corners and midpoints of the sides, and subtle decorative detail along the edges. The silvery hue of the flatter expanses and a gentle darkening in the crevasses, giving the finish an elegant and gentle antique feel. The grand proportions are perfect for larger rooms and it can be hung in both landscape and portrait orientations, or will look beautiful simply lent against a wall as shown.

Please note the actual mirror pictured here is the
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 183x122

The Audley mirror is available in many sizes with Gold, Silver, White, Cream and Black frames:

Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 107x82
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 122x92
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 132x107
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 153x122
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 183x122
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 183x92
Audley Gold Wall Mirror - 213x153
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 107x82
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 112x92
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 132x107
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 153x122
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 183x122
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 183x92
Audley Silver Wall Mirror - 213x153
Audley White Wall Mirror - 107x82

Please call or email us with any enquiries about the White, Cream and Black finishes not listed above

Audley Large Silver Decorative Ornate Wall Mirror - 183 x 92 cm
Portrait or Landscape
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